what are pre-workout supplemetns

Pre-Workout Supplements Explained

When you look at those hard bodies at the gym, the first thought that often comes to mind is how they’re possible. Everyone has those muscles hidden underneath their skin, but they’re not as pronounced as a bodybuilder’s physique. Many of these workout enthusiasts rely on supplements in order to enhance their muscle bulk. In fact, many of these supplements are referred to as “pre-workout” types.

As the name suggests, you take the pre-workout supplement before an intense session. Supplement manufacturers claim that the products offer a boost to almost every body system during your workout. Before you try any supplements, however, you should learn a little bit more about their ingredients.

A Combination of Ingredients

Pre-workout supplements can be found in nearly every vitamin shop. However, that’s where the similarities end. Each product has a different amount of ingredients, according to Live Science. These ingredients will differ in concentration and type. Take a look at one pre-workout supplement’s ingredient label. You’ll probably be greeted by a half-dozen or more ingredients, including caffeine and creatine. It’s this focused ingredient list that makes up a successful supplement.

The Mental Perspective

Be aware that you won’t attain superhuman strength when you take these supplements. In fact, many of the ingredients simply make you feel good. When you have an energy boost, you’re more likely to challenge yourself with extra weightlifting repetitions or adding more weight. Because you feel mentally ready with the supplement’s energy boost, you believe that a workout will improve. The results are longer workouts with enhanced muscle tone.

Closing in on Common Ingredients

As you compare different supplement brands, you’ll notice that many of them have proprietary ingredient mixtures. This is a common choice because manufacturers want to stand out in the industry with their blend. However, you can still learn about the common ingredients found in either basic or proprietary supplements.


According to Muscle and Fitness, creatine allows you to work out longer because of its energy-boosting properties. This substance actually encourages more water to enter your muscles. Because the fibers have ample water and oxygen, you can work out with less perceived fatigue.


You might believe that caffeine is only in sodas and coffee, but it’s also a powerful ingredient in pre-workout supplements. It has the power to connect individual brain receptors so that you can feel as awake as possible. Because fatigue isn’t felt during a caffeine boost, you’ll pump those weights for a longer time period than before.

Branched-Chain Amino Acids

Amino acids are essentially proteins that help you build muscle tissue on a normal basis. You consume amino acids when you have a hearty, meat-based meal. Pre-workout supplements also add in branched-chain amino acids or BCAAs. These molecules simply add to your muscle bulk while reducing any fatigue.

Scientific Evidence

The National Institutes of Health have many studies being performed on pre-workout supplements. Because the ingredients aren’t regulated by the FDA, manufacturers have a lot of freedom with their mixtures. A business’s marketing strategy might be more effective than the supplement itself, however. Scientific evidence suggests that individual supplement ingredients, including creatine, can be effective for a good workout. However, there are too many mixture variations in the industry to definitely say that one ingredient mixture is better than another.

Your Personal Health

If you’re ready to try a pre-workout supplement, it’s important to look at your personal health history first. Allergies, sensitivities and other issues can make supplement use a problem for some people. Ask your doctor about the right ingredients for your needs. They’ll have a better idea of your health and how it matches with various stimulants. The doctor might have you steer clear of caffeine-based supplements while suggesting vitamin-packed types. Only take a supplement that makes you feel good from every perspective, including physical and mental sides.

With hundreds of pre-workout supplements in the marketplace today, it may be difficult to narrow down those choices that will work for you. Employing a trial-and-error strategy is usually the only way to really find the right mixture for your body chemistry. After a few selections, you’ll have a supplement that you can rely on for most workouts.